Our Team

Tricia Dennis

Director of Revenue Management

Tricia Dennis is responsible for the Revenue Management functions for Newport Hospitality Group.  Tricia has worked in every revenue producing role in the hospitality industry and brings her deep experience to Newport’s clients.  She has worked for one of the leading franchisees across numerous brands. Gaining valuable insight into the best practices of both the major franchise companies as well as leading franchisees.

Prior to joining Newport Hospitality Group, Tricia spent the prior 20 years with a leading hospitality franchisee.  During her tenure with this company, she gained extensive experience working with all the major Hilton and Marriott systems as well as numerous third party applications.  Through this period, Tricia won numerous revenue management awards from within her company as well franchises.

Tricia and her team are responsible for bringing leading analytic tools to the revenue management conversation.  They will work hand in hand with the local hotel leadership team as well as the corporate leaders to ensure that managed hotels maximize their revenue potential.

Tricia has a degree from Valparaiso University in mathematics and communication.  In addition to her degree, she has taken numerous franchise training courses in revenue management, e-commerce and sales.