Vice President of Financial Analysis

Tim Hayes is Vice President of Financial Analysis at Newport Hospitality Group, bringing over 11 years of hospitality industry experience and five years in assets protection. Throughout his career, Tim has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in financial analysis and process optimization. Before joining Newport, Tim worked in retail assets protection, where he gained extensive experience in shoplifting detection, internal investigations, and safety and security auditing. His attention to detail and strong numerical skills were crucial to his success in this role. At Newport, Tim has made significant contributions, including his role as Controller for the Hampton Jacksonville Beach Oceanfront. He was honored as the 2014 Team Member of the Year and the 2019 Corporate Associate of the Year. Known for his ability to simplify complex information, Tim has streamlined numerous processes, making data more accessible and enabling better decision-making across the company. In addition to his professional achievements, Tim is dedicated to personal well-being and enjoys hobbies such as nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. He is an avid chess player and keeps a board in his office. A lifelong pro-wrestling fan, Tim appreciates the performance aspect and has incorporated its showmanship into his public speaking. Though he doesn’t play guitar much these days, he has a deep understanding of music theory and enjoys complex and technical compositions, reflecting his eclectic taste.