Purchasing & Capital Renovations

Capital projects reframe a hotel – make sure the dollars are well spent.

Our hotel management company understands the entire process of renovation and capital improvement, and we manage all areas of your project from conception to construction.  Newport Hospitality Group’s purchasing & refurbishment team combines design and purchasing expertise to ensure your hotel’s renovation or construction effort achieves exceptional results and a maximum return on investment.

Your projects will be backed by a team comprised of design, construction and operating experts with extensive hotel experience. The team has been working in the industry for over 35 years and opened countless hotels. More importantly, this team has led multiple teams in the repositioning of numerous dated hotel properties.

Renovations and Purchasing experts will:

  • Manage your property's capital program
  • Group purchases in bulk with our other properties
  • Utilize our extensive vendor list & excellent vendor relations
  • Conduct exhaustive price research
  • Provide in-house design, purchasing and installation capabilities
  • Offer construction and renovation consulting