Newport Hospitality Group is an active employer in the Hospitality industry.  Working for NHG puts the advantage of a professional hotel management company on your side. We are committed to the development of our associates and strive to maintain a culture based on the following values:

  • Motivational / Inspirational Leadership - Create an environment of respect at all levels, fostering teamwork to achieve shared goals.  Continually providing recognition and celebration for the attainment of those goals.
  • Empowerment - Create an environment where our associates feel confident in acting resolutely, standing up for what they believe, feeling confident in telling the truth and challenging the status-quo.  We recognize that our associates are talented and skilled and we are committed to their development and we encourage them to continually take on greater responsibility.
  • Skill Development / Role Progression - Create an environment where people can learn and grow.  We recognize that when our people grow, we grow, allowing us to achieve new heights.
  • Dynamic Communication - Create an environment of open, honest, direct and timely communication at all times.
  • Active Listening - Create an environment where we promote respect of the individual by actively listening to each other.  Giving guests, colleagues and business partners our undivided attention.  Avoiding assumptions and always keeping an open mind.

To view our complete list of career opportunities, please visit our full listings page.